Sani 360°® Washing Machine Cleaner

Sani 360°® Washing Machine Cleaner

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Sani 360° Washing Machine Cleaner’s powerful, enzyme-formulation scrubs away dirt, grime and odor-causing residue buildup inside the drum, rim, pump, valve, agitator, filter, and hose. Each tablet is designed to deep clean and deodorize your washing machine.

Regular Maintenance: Use once a month treatment for maintenance or as needed to keep your washer smelling fresh and functioning at its best. This pack includes 12 tablets of Sani 360° Washing Machine Cleaner to ensure that you have enough supply until your next purchase.

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These work like a charm. Smell good too!

Nikki R.

These are great and they really work. After a few days my sinks drain much easier and quicker.


Works great and keeps drains free and clear with a nice lemon scent.

Robert R.

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